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About me: I've embarked on a mission to cook something new from every cookery book I own - currently 260 - and am planning to use my account here to keep track (thanks to rfb from Librarything for tipping me off to the existence of this site). I've made a couple of rules for myself: to cook the recipe as given, with no substitution or variation unless suggested by the author; and to try to pick a genuinely new dish from each book - in other words, as I've cooked many Leek and Potato Soups in my time, I don't get to count Leek and Potato Soup as a new dish just because I haven't used this specific recipe before (unless it has really significant differences from the usual versions).

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June 10th, 2019

Hodge Podge from Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book

Beef and vegetable soup with beer - turned out disappointingly bland. The recipe had no seasoning other than salt and pepper - having tried it, I added a stock cube and some Worcester sauce, which helped... read more >

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The Experienced English Housekeeper (Southover Press Historic Cookery & Housekeeping)

By Elizabeth Raffald
Southover Press - 1996

12th May 2013

To Stew Celery : page 286

Pleasant but a bit bland - however there's always an element of trial and error with this book as many of the recipes are outlines rather than detailed instructions with exact quantities. In this case I think my lemon slice needs to be bigger, and I also need mace - I set out confidently yesterday to buy some for this recipe and came back empty-handed; apparently there's no demand any more.

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