Aufbau Haus, Moritzplatz
10997 Berlin

Tel: 49-0-30-24-63-88-83
Fax: 49-0-30-24-63-88-85
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Mon-Fri: 12-8pm
Sat: 12-6pm


About The Store

Kockhlust was started by Brit Lippold, who was inspired by a small article in the women's magazine "Brigitte", which reported on a specialty bookshop in London which sells only cookbooks and operates a show kitchen in the back room.

This idea fascinated her. Some time later she visited London, and of course, "Books for Cooks" in Notting Hill. After a long search, she found a suitable property, consulted with a chef, left her job and invested her entire severance payment in a Chef-like cooking and culinary school bookstore.

The shop has been open since April 8, 2001 and is enjoying growing popularity. Note: it is moving to Aufbau Haus, Moritzplatz in early 2011. See the website for updates.

Events at the store

There are no upcoming events listed at the moment.