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"Cookbooker has attracted people, and their unique cookbooks, from all over the world. As an avid fan of British cookbooks, I especially enjoy this feature."

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About Cookbooker

What is Cookbooker?

beta cookies!Cookbooker helps you find and create recipe reviews for your cookbooks, food magazines and favourite websites and food blogs. It's also a great way to catalog your cookbooks and quickly find your favourite recipes.

The Web is a fantastic place for ratings, reviews and sharing opinions on everything, including recipes. But what about the millions of recipes locked up in cookbooks and food magazines? Until now they've been left out of the discussion.

How does it work?

Simple. You can search and read reviews and comments from our users right now: just type some key words in the search box on any page. The easiest thing to do first is to look for books you own and see if anyone has reviewed any recipes from them.

Why Cookbooker?

I've always enjoyed food blogs and websites like Epicurious, but I still have a bookshelf full of cookbooks and food magazines (and I keep buying more) and I kept wishing I could get the same interactivity from them. I've only tried a fraction of the recipes I own, and I'm sure there are some classics (and some duds) locked up in all those books and magazines. But how to find out without cooking everything?

Not only that, but I kept forgetting where my favourite recipes were - especially in magazines. I'd sometimes spend ages thumbing through their post-it-note-fuzzed pages. When my mother told me one Christmas she'd spent almost 3 hours searching for a recipe in her cookbook cupboard I knew I wasn't alone.

So Cookbooker was born in late 2009. Since launching it has grown into a community of people sharing their love of good cookbooks and good cooking.

Does it cost anything?

Nope. Cookbooker is free and the basic tools for creating your bookshelf and rating and reviewing recipes will always be free.