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Cook's Illustrated on iTunes
There may not be a flood of cookbooks going online or turning into iPad apps (How to Cook Everything is still the gold standard, as...

Who's Buying Cookbooks?
Publisher's Weekly highlights a study by Bowkers about who actually is doing the cookbook purchasing in the US (and by a general extension,...

Cookbook Stores: Best Cookbooks of 2011
We recently published our best of 2011 roundup, gathering best-of lists from the pundits of the web and print media. Now it's the turn...

The Best Cookbooks of 2011: a Roundup
It's that time of year again: a time of best-of lists, and as the holidays approach, they're coming fast and furious. To save you all...

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Retire your sticky notes

There's a better way to keep track of your favorite cookbook recipes. Cookbooker lets you catalogue, rate and review recipes from your favorite cookbooks, magazines and websites, then find out what other cooks think about them.

We bring the power and usefulness of an online community to your kitchen. Cookbooker is a search engine for your bookshelf. Sign up now.

Cookbooker Challenge

The Essential New York Times Cookbook

The Essential New York Times Cookbook

We're delighted to announce our newest challenge. This book explores the wonderful array of recipes the Times has contributed to food culture and the kitchens of the nation (and world) for the past 150 years. We're going to collaboratively cook and review as many recipes as we can. Come join us! more »

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Kickstarter Funds Cookbooks

In what is clearly an emerging trend, Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website, has helped several cookbooks go from idea to actual product, with at least one traditional publishing deal resulting.
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The Web is a fantastic place for ratings, reviews and sharing opinions on everything, including recipes. But what about the millions of recipes locked up in cookbooks and food magazines? Until now they've been left out of the discussion.

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