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I added some chopped pecans and mini chocolate chips to the basic dough; otherwise...

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I made a hybrid of this recipe with the stuffed rosemary focaccia and it made an...

Onion and Chorizo Clafoutis reviewed by kaye16 from: My Master Recipes: 165 Recipes to Inspire Confidence in the Kitchen *With Dozens of Variations*

This was an interesting idea, but didn't quite work. Made a half recipe. Unlike every...

Edouard's Chocolate Chip Cookies reviewed by jenncc from: Baking Chez Moi: Recipes from My Paris Home to Your Home Anywhere

As I have said before I am no chocolate chip cookie connoisseur, nor a big fan of...

Carrot and walnut cake reviewed by Kestrel from: Veg Patch: River Cottage Handbook No.4

I made this for a work event and everyone loved it. I doubled the recipe and used...

Spinach Triangles (Fatayer) reviewed by jenncc from: The Arab Table

These are good - not as good as the ones I grew up with, better than some I have...

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