2012 Cookbook Awards
  • I always find it interesting to follow the cookbook awards. Did any of you see the piglet award? I won't spoil it, but I find the commentary from the judges to be different and usually interesting. What do you think?
  • I suppose it's the lawyer in me, but (while I agree that his observations were interesting) I think Fergus Henderson should have kept right out of it. Maybe the cookbook business doesn't have any code of ethics, but the whole thing struck me as just a bit cosy and incestuous.
  • I just became aware of the piglet awards this year and enjoyed reading some of the reviews and what was chosen to be cooked from some of the books. I have a couple of the books on my wish list now thanks to some of the comments and comments I've read elsewhere.
  • I also was disappointed with the Fergus Henderson review for the reason cited by Bunyip. In addition, a discussion of the philosophy of a cookbook is all very well, but I would have liked some actual food comments --I really enjoyed some of the reviews by the non-professional chef types much more.

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