Food adventures while traveling - advice?
  • Last summer, I lucked into finding the Flour bakery in Boston. This year, I'm trying to plan ahead a bit more.

    I will be traveling to Shanghai, Suzhou, Helsinki, and Paris over the next few months. What dishes are not-to-be-missed, any restaurant advice, or are there interesting (and import-able) ingredients or tools I should look for?

  • How wonderful!!! I've never been to the first three, but I love Paris (who doesn't?)...Clothilde Dusoulier ( David Lebovitz ( both live in Paris and both have great sections on their websites re: restuarants, shops, etc. I've had the great good fortune to eat in some of the grand restaurants of Paris and other parts of France and it was wonderful,but some of my best times were those which happened serendipitously--cafes chanced upon while wandering aimlessly--wonderful little wine bars, estaminets, and so forth. I think it's very hard not to eat and drink well and have a wonderful time in France.
  • I've been looking at David Lebovitz' site, but hadn't thought about Clothilde Dusoulier!
    I know I am very lucky to have business taking me to both shanghai and helsinki. And lucky to have a husband who doesn't mind that I expand the business trips to include side trips. 14daughter will join me on the helsinki/paris trip for some good mother/daughter bonding.
  • Sounds wonderful. I second Clothilde's website as a good source of her insider tips on Paris - she also has her book on eating in the city:

    Any time I travel, I rely on websites like (great forum for Q&A on where to eat abroad) and Travelocity/Yelp where they have a presence. Though Yelp is hit and miss... Chow, definitely.

    Have a fantastic trip!
  • I had never seen those travel-related forums -- thanks! I love YELP for domestic travel, but have never tried it overseas.

    I was about to say that the Clothilde's Edible Adventures in Paris was probably too out of date (2008 - 5+ yrs already) but I checked the reviews, and even those from 2013 rave about the excellent suggestions. Looks like yet another amazon order (and I'll connect through cookbooker). Thanks so much.

  • Thanks to Andrew pointing me to the international forums on, I was able to find amazing dumplings in Shanghai! Soup dumplings - with an amazing broth inside - some steamed and some fried. Thanks so much... hopefully the European adventure will be just as rewarding.

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