Ebooks - Cookbooks?
  • Cookbooks in Ebook form--I have many. Anybody else buying cookbooks in ebook form?
    I would like some easy way to (E) or something when I list a cookbook that is in that format.
  • Hi Brenda, I do not get e-cookbooks (no kindle or ipad), but I've seen reviews by others for this format. I think they enter the recipe as if reviewing the book recipe, but that there have been some issues about page numbers. Perhaps you could enter page "0", and someone with the hardcover version could enter the appropriate page? Other ideas, fellow cookbookers?
  • I think that entering 0 as a page number is a great idea. It makes it much easier for someone with the hard copy of the book to enter the correct page number and the person with the ebook could always enter the ebook page number in their notes.
  • That's what I do, since the system insists on a number. But you have to mention in the review that you're using an ebook edition, which gets back to Brenda's original point that there's no way to flag that it's not a hard copy.
  • Yes, a zero for page number sounds like a good idea if reviewed recipes is from an Ebook with no page numbers in it. That would be a way to flag other folks to enter it, if they want to, from their hard copy. I sure wouldn't mind going through my books looking up page numbers to insert into someone's review if I have the book. Sounds like fun and would help a bit to justify keeping TOO many cookbooks in my bulging house.

    My original reason for wanting a way to identify an Ebook vs Hard Copy was for myself--for my bookshelf. I have lots of both kinds of books (HC+E) and I would like to have something listed that could tell me WHICH version of the book I own...one reason: it would serve as a road map telling me where to go look for the book in my stuff (like when I want to go look up the recipe) that somebody has just raved about. :)
  • Couldn't you use the Tags field on each book to indicate whether you have a book or an ebook?
  • I was going to suggest Tags also as an option. Also there's a private notes field in every review, which is a perfect place to say something only relevant to yourself.
  • Of course, use the Tags field! Why didn't I think of that? I'll get on to it ASAP.

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