• I wonder if it would an idea to have an errata tab on each recipe? Yesterday I made a recipe that was missing a bit of the instruction. I found another version of the recipe online and can make the correction, but it would be nice to be able to tidily record this kind of information here. Maybe it could have a high search profile somehow too???
  • Good catch and also good job at tracking down the missing info .
    Mind saying what book/recipe? Just curious...
  • It was The Essential New York Times Cookbook, Hot Penne with Chilled Tomato Sauce and Charred Tuna. Just a small thing, but annoying. I'm a bit surprised the publishers don't keep errata. It would be easy and logical for them to do this. Since they don't, cookbooker would be a good place to gather this information.
    (BTW, apologies for misspelling this in the title. If someone could fix it, it would be lovely! :-)
  • Fixed the title. Errata are an interesting idea. There is the 'chatter' tab on every recipe, which allows comments to be submitted. It isn't really used that much, so perhaps it could be changed to 'errata and substitutions'?
  • Oh I love this idea!
  • Agree. (And if somebody wanted to make other comments, they could still enter them there, right?)
  • Somehow lost track of this conversation. Changing the 'chatter' tab to 'errata and substitutions' is a great idea. It gets the info right where it needs to be.
    Chatter doesn't seem to be used much afaics; that all stays in the comments on recipes.
  • Yes - this would be great! Andrew??

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