Pi(e) Day Again
  • 22-7
    Approximation Pi(e) Day
    I'm making a coconut custard/cream pie (still deciding which or what recipe) and an apple pie and some little pies--strawberry rhubarb? It will depend on what's at the farmers' market tomorrow...
  • I nearly forgot! Thank you for reminding! Luckily we haven't planned what to eat this week yet. Maybe pizza or calzone (as an approximation of pie), or a not quite circular pie (as an approximation of the number pi)?

    On another note (and I know it's still a long time to go), but what about celebrating Square Root Day on April 4th, 2016 (4/4/16)?
  • What a great idea! And along with Cinnamon Squares and square bar cookies and crumb cake, I have a square tart pan I love to use....
  • Yikes, this is today! I will try to come up with something.

  • I posted my review with the tag Pi Approximation Day, and also Pi, just in case. I did a tarte tatin, as an approximation of pie - and it wasn't perfectly round either (though that was pure coincidence).
  • To fulfill a request, I made (among others) a coconut custard pie using a recipe I found which sounded a bit less rich than most -- I have to find it again so I can review it. It was very good and used buttermilk instead of the cream that many versions call for.
  • Failure here. Am getting ready for a long trip and simply didn't have time to cook
  • It was a little short notice - I would have completely forgotten if kateq hadn't posted about it. I enjoyed the first day of Pie; if anyone has an idea for a similar one-day challenge (or maybe a one-week challenge), I'd be well up for that!

    QS, have a nice trip!
  • I almost forgot myself. It would be fun to come up with another--we'll have to come up with something creative.

    And Bon Voyage, QS!
  • One possibility for single day/week challenges would be to center them around national holidays. Chinese new year for a Chinese food challenge, Bastille day (which we just missed) for a French food challenge.

    I am in Finland now, enjoying Herring and Lingonberry Mousse.

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