• I think a lot of us on Cookbooker really love his food -- I thought some of you might like to take a look at this
    blog with some great photos of the restaurant and the food
  • Kateq -- I didn't read this link previously, but as I sit in Heathrow airport, awaiting our flight home, I think my experience at NOPI was a high point. We (2 of us) were nearly out of cash, and so only ordered two dishes to share plus one dessert. But they were brilliant! Fritters made from a combination of peas and legumes and mint -- light as a feather, bright green, soft inside crunchy outside, and just the right kiss of mint. Duck breast served with a tahini(?) sauce and something resembling bulgar - cooked to perfection. But the dessert. Oh the dessert! We ordered the "blackberry mess". It was served in a tumbler-like glass container, layers of mashed blackberries mixed with surprisingly large chunks of ginger, barely sweetened, with pieces of very crunchy meringue, and blackberry sorbet. We left feeling not too full, but very happy, and all for about 30 pounds.

    We didn't have reservations, and after a few minutes at the front, they agreed that if we would not linger (another reservation in 45 minutes), we could sit at the downstairs communal table. It was brilliant. A huge table (making it easy to see everyone else's food), and a set of shelves holding their ingredients. Bins were labeled "beetroot and carrots", "flours", etc. I could see that they use dessicated orange peel (asian, I know I've seen that in asian grocery stores and will buy some time time I see it), as well as jars of clearly home-bottled pickles. Everyone was happy and kind. Oh such an experience!

    Finally, if any of you go there -- do made a trip to the restroom. The ladies room is a confusion of angled mirrors, and it was only the arrow painted on the floor that allowed me to find my way out. It was very cool.

    I took my son with me, and have given him strict instructions that I want the Ottolenghi cookbook this Christmas!
  • Sounds like a fabulous visit! You;ll love the book---if Cookbooker sticks around we should do an Ottolenghi challenge.
  • Just ordered "ottolenghi", and will wrap it and put it under the tree. :)

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