Spreading the (cookbooker) word ...
  • How about designing a cookbooker "badge" that people who win challenges can display on their blogs (if they have one) or post to FB perhaps? Other blogs with contest-y things make something like this available. It's a small way to spread the word.
  • And also a badge announcing running (and/or future) challenges, so that people can join a challenge they're interested in?
  • I like both of these ideas, but I really do not use much social media (other than cookbooker and goodreads). But I think they are great ideas.
  • Goodreads too?
    www.goodreads.com/kaye16 here
  • I think this is a great idea! I know that Andrew is not very active but I bet if someone knows how to design a badge he'd be willing to put it on the site.
  • I'm OK with illustrator, and if someone pointed me toward other badges, I could try to make something.... I do a fair amount of drawing to illustrate principles of what I teach. And I like to make my drawings pretty.
  • friend request sent, Kaye!

  • If it's not too hard, every challenge we do here could have its own badge, including the cookbooker logo, the name of the challenge, and dates it runs. The badge would link to the challenge page. There could be just a general

    See I Heart Cooking Clubs (http://iheartcookingclubs.blogspot.com/). On the right, there's the general "badge" and the specific one for the current chef.

    Cook the Books (http://cookthebooksclub.blogspot.com/) has both a badge for the blog and a winner's badge. But since our challenge winners are just by drawing, that's not needed.

    Cookbook Sundays (http://couscous-consciousness.blogspot.fr/p/cookbook-sundays.html), now sadly gone, also has a badge.

    It seems to me that most of the cook-along blogs have a badge thing. Cookbooker's not quite the same, but I'd be happy to post a challenge badge both on my little blog and on FB.
  • Thanks for those links. I think I could make a garlic-like drawing, with the green, and cookbooker written in a similar font. Can't get to it for another week or so, but I'll give it a try.

    Another thing that makes this site look semi-abandoned are the old articles. Perhaps we could take turns writing small articles, and Andrew could upload them? I would guess he (and all of us) would want some quality control. Or we should get rid of the articles link... Alternatively that spot could talk about interesting articles written in other food blogs, and provide links?
  • Andrew might be able to send you the garlic graphic (and tell you what the font is). Or, you can just copy it from the site. Something to start with.

    The Articles section is really a little blog. I'd forgotten till just now how good it was. I'm sorry he's stopped, now that I look through it again. The year-end summary of the year's best cookbooks was nice; I also enjoyed the "5 Questions" posts. It should be relabeled "Blog" for a start. And it would be nice to keep it going.
  • Another thing that might boost Cookbooker is to up its search profile. When searching for a recipe, I seem to turn up things from EatYourBooks more often than from Cookbooker.
  • Search results are based on the number of links, right? I think you link your reviews on EYB to cookbooker. Perhaps I should review on EYB too, and link back?

    Yes, I loved Andrew's blog... it would be good to know if he wanted to continue it, or possibly allow one of us to post to it.
  • I don't use EYB, I just find it searching.

    There's a bit more to search results that just the number of links. Meta data has a bearing. I'm no expert, this is one of those areas I've tried hard to ignore. ;-)
  • Goodreads is "connected" to Facebook so that when you review a book, you can have it (automatically or case-by-case) post a notice to your FB timeline. How about if cookbooker would post a notice when you review a recipe or cookbook? There's lots of food-related activity on FB.
  • That is a great idea, Kaye16.

    I've looked at the goodreads "new group" page, and will work on it when I have a couple minutes to think. Then I'll let you know. Maybe we can get Leeka back into cookbooker through goodreads.
  • I've posted on the Zaar buddies page on Facebook---a collection of cooks who used Recipezaar and loved it until it became part of the food network and changed. I've invited them to come and check us out--I hope some of them will...
  • Good job, kateq. I'm just sure that there is a population of people who would be passionate about this web site, its just a challenge finding them.
  • Feeling a bit sad that Cookbooker seems to be winding down. Andrew's lost interest and there's not even been too much activity lately from users.
    I was just wondering this morning if it would be an idea for Cookbooker to merge with Goodreads? Goodreads is not really sufficient for cookbooks, so I've never listed them there. They could add a "recipes" tab or button on each book that would lead to cookbooker. There are plenty of literature books that have recipes (Like Water for Chocolate, e.g.) and lots of memoirs include them. These all deserve to be read and rated.
    Cookbooker cookbook "tags" are rather like Goodreads "shelves", so it might be easy to smerge our current data into the Goodreads format (especially if we could prefix the tag/shelf names).
    Random thoughts on a morning idea...
  • Kaye16, I agree its very sad. I love cookbooker, and am disappointed by Andrew's lost interest. It does make me a bit apathetic, too, though in truth I've hardly been home for the past five months, which explains my lack of activity.

    I will look at goodreads to try to understand your suggestion of transferring cookbooker to that site.
  • I'm sorry folks - I'm guilty too. I've emailed Andrew a few times and have not even heard back from him. I guess that his lack of interest spread to me. Things are looking up for us now that my son is starting to recover from surgery. It's just been hectic because he can't ride the school bus so my schedule revolves around his.

    I can't even think of the last time I tried to cook something new though there has been plenty of cooking. I'm grateful for cookbooker as it encouraged me to try new recipes and I keep using many of them over and over. I love coming back here as a resource to help me find those recipes.

    I don't know anything about Goodreads so I can't really comment but I'd like to just start trying some new recipes and reviewing them here. I do worry if the site will just disappear and that makes me nervous. There is no easy way just to move all info to eatyourbooks or I would do so.
  • I don't want to give up on Cookbooker yet. I know that Eatyourbooks has more going on but Cookbooker is really a friendlier, more relaxed site. Obviously, Andrew is paying the bills, as the site features continue to function. Let's give writing him another go--and maybe one or more of us can sort take it over and keep it going.
  • My thought was that a smerge with Goodreads might give Andrew more chance to make a bit of money.
    Hope nothing's wrong, since he's been a bit unresponsive of late.
  • I think if he is breaking even, then he will let the site continue to live, but I am nervous about losing all my reviews! And with the very dated material at the home page, its an even bigger up-hill battle to get more users.

    If he would allow us to update the blog portion - we could take turns? - and run challenges (with or without prizes) - and have badges (yes, I need to get back to making some badges!) - I think it would have a better chance to expand a bit over time.

    I too would like cookbooker to continue to live!
  • 9 more reviews and we hit 15,000 reviews! That is a milestone, for sure! =D>
  • Well, I just added one review for pumpkin whoopie pies - just the thing for a fall day.

    Has anyone besides me contacted Andrew? I can try again but I'd like to know if anyone else has had success.
  • I wrote him today actually. If I hear back, I'll post immediately.
  • btw, thanks for pointing out that whoopie pie recipe. I found the recipe on line (posted the link) and will probably make it very soon.
  • kateq, I should have checked the King Arthur website. They have great recipes. The recipe linked is just a bit different - different combo of spices, mix of butter and oil instead of all oil, and the addition of the "special King Arthur ingredients". I imagine, however, that it is very similar in taste.
  • I sure hope the site continues as I so enjoy posting my reviews and photos here and being able to go back to them to see what I've made. (Having a bit of a problem with my camera and loading photos at the moment but hope to get those on soon.) I also enjoy reading what others are cooking and seeing the photos they share. We have some really talented members here and it would be a shame to loose touch and all our reviews.
  • I'm posting quickly here so say that I'm around today and reading the forums. I will start a new thread to discuss the future of Cookbooker and I'd be happy to get everyone's feedback there.

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