Thanksgiving 2013
  • To my American friends, and anyone else interested -- any plans for special dishes this thanksgiving?
  • We're doing a turnip soup and some roasted turnips---having decided that turnips are undeservedly underutilized by us--I'll let you know how it turns out. Other than that--all the standards--turkey, stuffing/dressing, cranberries, giblet gravy, etc,etc,etc

    Biscuits and pies too of course
  • I am going to spatchcock my turkey this year, following Kenji's suggestions on Serious Eats. But last week's New York Time's wednesday food section is the major source of my inspiration. Probably two pies for the four of us, a decision made by my 15 yr old daughter, and one I'm regretting agreeing to already!

    I should expand my turnip horizon, too, and I will look forward to hearing how your recipes turned out!
  • The roasted turnips, which shared space with other roasted root veg, were excellent. The soup was a knockout. I just posted a review of Creamy Turnip Soup and I highly recommend it.

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