Food/Cooking-related must-do things in the UK?
  • I will be in London and Cambridge for a week (leaving Dec 7). What should I eat, see, and buy while I am there? Happily I have very little work to do on this trip, as its a college interview visit for my son. Proximity to our holiday gift-giving season makes this a potentially useful time to be there.

    Thanks in advance for all your advice.
  • Ottolenghi --but I bet you already thought of that...
  • River cottage has quite a range of interesting activities, I think, but it's in Devon, so I don't know if it would be worth the extra travel for you.
  • If you want to have some really good Dim Sum (yes, I know, not really what you'd go to London for), I would recommend Pearl Liang. It's a quite hidden, just behind Paddington Station, and really, really good.
    And definitely Ottolenghi, and their new restaurant NOPI.
    Moro might be something else I'd recommend, but I haven't been there myself (I just like their cookbook).
  • Hopefully I will be returning after this trip (if my son gets into Cambridge for college). River Cottage has some really interesting looking classes! And actually, I had NOT thought about Ottolenghi, but will definitely make that happen. So is NOPI their best restaurant? Each one is different? Oh - my poor diet and exercise regimen!

    Dim sum -- we love dim sum so will try to find this place if we are around Paddington Station. I don't have my bearings yet -- all I know is that I will definitely find the Tate Modern, and I'm glad I am spending a few extra bucks to stay downtown.
  • Lunched today at NOPI. Amazing!

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