What cookbooks did you find under the tree?
  • I got Relish and Kitchen Things. Kitchen Things turns out more to be a photography book than a book about old kitchen gadgets. Looks like it may be a good read, but not what I expected.
  • Amazon has not yet delivered "Ottolenghi", and I think that is all I will receive. However -- my birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks, so we can always hope...

    Which Relish did you receive? I read that graphic novel (with recipes) - and found it to be one of the sweetest books I'd read in a long time. But its not much of a cook book.
  • It's the graphic novel. A friend recommended it. Looks at least like a fun read.
  • I've seen that Amazon, via UPS, had trouble delivering for xmas. If it was due before, you should get a refund on postage and maybe a gift certificate too.
  • I only got one cookbook from hubby, it was from Tractor Supply and has recipes from their magazine. I did win a $100 Amazon card recently so after ordering some things for my kids I got myself Giada's Feel Good Food and Michael Symons 5 in 5 and I also won an autographed copy of Recipe Girl. One of my packages from Amazon was supposed to arrive Dec 21 by Fedex and still hasn't arrived. There was no postage since I ordered several things and everything else arrived. Wonder if they'll offer me a gift certificate?
  • Can't say I've ever seen Tractor Supply's magazine. :-) But it sounds like it could be a promising cookbook. I love oddball things like that. Sometimes they're real treasures.
  • kaye16 - you will love that graphic novel! I actually gave that book to my friend Doreen because it was such a sweet book.
    SC - I am looking forward to tractor-based recipes.
    My Amazon order was not expedited, but instead was part of a free shipping, with expected shipping by Dec 24th.

    Any interesting cooking plans for new years? I am thinking about preparing the sweet potato galettes from Ottolenghi.
  • For new year's day, we'll go to our local restaurant, which does a scrumptious many-coursed meal both for NYE and for NYD. I just counted nine courses for last year including the aperitif and a couple of amuse-bouche things.

    Last year for NYE, I did any assortment of Indian "munchies" from Jaffrey's books (Jaffrey was the chef for I Heart Cooking Clubs at the time). Not planning anything so fancy this time. Thinking of home-made spinach pasta with a mushroom sauce for dinner.

    Somewhere in here I'll list my "cooking goals" for 2014. I've been doing this every year for a couple of years now. Gives me a bit of focus on doing something interesting with cooking, although I can't say I've done especially well for 2013. A new "project" for 2014, I think, will be cooking a meal each month from one of the Time-Life Foods of the World books. Of course that will take more than a year to complete, but at least I might get 12 books done and can finish the rest is 2015.
  • I like the idea of cooking goals. My major goal is to finally get my remodel done! I will have a fair bit of down time while my kitchen is disassembled. But once that is done....

    My goal is to use five of my unused cookbooks - each one making at least three recipes. That is modest, only 15, and achievable, even if my kitchen is out of commission for a long time.

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