Quintet of Cuisines (Time-Life Foods of the World)
  • I wonder if someone has some ideas about how to figure this out. I'm starting a little project to cook from each of the Foods of the World books*. Each of the topics for this series consists of two books, a hardback and a spiral-bound recipe book. The first one is A Quintet of Cuisines. When I search for this, four books are found.
    - The first and the last (4378 and 13646) are clearly the recipe book; the first has a photo and the second has "Recipes" in the title. The first one though has the ISBN number that I think belongs to the hardback, although I don't know this for sure; my copies don't show ISBNs.
    - The second and third (13279 and 11090) have no picture, so it's hard to tell what's going on.

    Does anyone know if the hardback and spiral-bound bits have the same ISBNs? Seems weird, but maybe that's the way it was done.

    I see at librarything they had a discussion about this series and ended up making three entries for each pair of books, one for the hardback, one for the spiral-bound, one for the both of them. At goodreads, they've defined a series for the Foods of the World and it all looks quite tidy, but hard to know if they mean the hardback or the spiral or both.

    It would be nice to get this straightened out here, but my set without ISBNs makes it a bit difficult.

    Any ideas about what we can do here to make this clearer? (I don't think we have a way to make series, do we? Maybe some kind of consistency in naming would help?)

    * I've made a little Facebook group for this project. If you're interested in joining, search for Time-Life Foods of the World, or just contact me.
  • I have the volume on Portugal and Spain and the little spiral recipe book---no ISBN.
    I don't know if that is helpful or not.
  • I looked to see if my library had these books, but no luck!
  • That's interesting. This is a series I'd expect to find in a library. Too bad.
  • I wish I coud figure out how to make sense of this stuff. I've cooked a handful of recipes from Quintet, and will be doing more from the other books. It would be nice to be saving reviews here.
    I suppose I could just add yet another entry for these, knowing that they're the "right" ones for me since I've got them in hand.
    Should there be a joint entry for the hardback and the spiral-bound recipe book, or should they be separate?
  • Probably some general guidelines would be useful, as I bet this issue is not specific for this set of books. Maybe the earlier publication date should take precedence? Or have both cookbooks listed, and I think you can link the reviews?
  • Hi, new to this site; if I may add my two cents. I have the entire set. At the bottom of the Contents page it reads " The Recipe Booklet that accompanies this volume has been designed for use in the kitchen. It contains all of the 60 recipes printed in this book plus 91 more.". Also, the title of the spiral bound book is "Recipes of....." (in this case, Quintet). I list them in my own collection as one unit, in one cell of the spreadsheet (Hardcover name + Recipe of name) as they are on my shelves next to each other. And, you are correct; there is no ISBN.
  • Welcome to Cookbooker, SLTE!

    Apparently the newer editions of these books do have ISBNs; mine certainly don't.
    See http://cookbooksforchefs.com/home/foods-of-the-world-time-life-editors/

    But it's still unclear to me from this if there is or isn't a separate ISBN for the hardback and the recipe book. I was hoping someone with a newer edition could see this.

    I'm thinking that I'm going to list only the recipe books here as I work through the series. Will have to play catch-up for Quintet, since I've been cooking from that for 4 or 5 weeks now. (We're on to Spain&Portugal for Feb&half-Mar.) Might list the hardback part at Goodreads and do a little review there. Maybe.

    I'm also thinking, since I can't make sense of what's here already, that I'll just make new entries as best I can, and try to make it somewhat clear what I'm talking about.

    If anybody wants to join in on reading/cooking through this series, you can join in here:
  • Sounds like a plan :)
    Thanks for the link; the first description of bindings describes my books perfectly :(
    I'm wondering if an email to Time-Life would answer the ISBN question? (I'm curious now). Would be happy to do so if you'd like.
  • Great idea, SLTE, go for it.
    And welcome to cookbooker. This is my favorite community on the internet.

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