I finally got a bookcase for my cookbooks
  • My husband promised to get me a nice bookcase for my cookbooks when we moved into our house a year and a half ago. And now finally we have found someone who makes them, and very well too. Isn't it a beauty? http://www.flickr.com/photos/wester/13221669244/
  • Very nice! Beautiful wood!
    How do you sort your cookbooks (if you sort them at all)?
  • I sort them alphabetically on author. I don't have to put the larger cookbooks on a different shelf now - the bookcase I had before was too low for many of my cookbooks.
  • Lovely!
    I use IKEA's Ivar. It's practical and adjustable and not too ugly.
  • Wow -- that is nice! Nice sofa and wood floors, too.
    I store my cookbooks in an old oak bookcase that I picked up in an antique store more than 25 yrs ago. It has a label that it was made for inside a laboratory, and I'd bet its more than 100 yrs old. But right now, most of my cookbooks are in cardboard boxes, hoping that a new kitchen will be forthcoming.

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