New York Times recipe index, beta available
  • I recently signed up (currently free, but I can see the handwriting on the wall) for the NYT recipe site. They have the recipes very well organized and searchable. Haven't spent much time on it (obviously), but its very nice, and you might want to check it out.
  • I think they aren't taking any more beta testers -- at least when I tried, that's what I was told.
  • Oh - so sorry!
  • I like that -- its got some great looking recipes, so easy to find, etc.
  • I'm now in the new NYT recipe thing--very cool!
  • cooking at the NYT is now available to all, and it seems like a great resource. But for reviewing, how should we register this web site? Cooking? Or should we use the other NYT sites that are already registered here on cookbooker?

    For example, I could review Martha Rose Shulman's seared brussels sprouts using its location on cooking, or on recipes for health. Because my new gateway is the cooking site, I'm inclined to register it - probably as Cooking at the New York Times -- what do you all think?
  • It seems as though they are putting all NYT recipes on the Cooking site--I recently found a beloved Pierre Franey NYT recipe from 30 years ago on there--so maybe we should go with Cooking. I'm liking the newsletter--are you?
  • I'm loving the newsletter - but on my browser/system, the letter was cut off and there was no way to connect to the rest of the story. I finally wrote to them last week to tell them that it was frustrating, and boom - its already fixed! The images are amazing, and I like that they also mention other food blogs (smitten kitchen mentioned a week or so ago, resulting in me preparing the mentioned dish).
    Finally got my cooktop going - just in time to leave town - but so far I love it. Its my first use of induction after reading about it so much over the past year.
  • Queezle - I would love to hear more about your cooktop. We bought one of those portable induction cookers for the RV and like it. We have to replace our ceramic top stove. Induction might be the future?? What do you think?
  • Hi Brenda,
    I am loving my induction cooktop. It's chief attribute is the time to come up to temperature - I was able to get 2 quarts of water to boiling in under 2 minutes! Other remarkable attributes is the very quick response to changing the temperature, and the fact that you can put a paper towel between your pot and the cooktop while you are cooking. Also an induction puts off less heat in the kitchen.

    If you are considering a switch to induction, there are some decent single-burner units that you can buy and test it out. I think that eventually induction will replace the "normal" electric cooktops, but gas has so many fans that I cannot imaging converting too many of them.

    Let me know what you decide to do - and I'd love to hear about your experiments with induction.
  • There is a problem with induction. I have gas hotplates, but for various reasons have acquired a portable induction hotplate. Thirty years ago I bought a set of Swiss Spring saucepans, expensive but a lifetime investment. However, un they don't work on induction. Flameproof ceramic doesn't either - for those dishes I have a cast iron disc, but of course it's a bit of a blunt instrument, slow to heat up and slow to cool down.

    I wouldn't like to be solely reliant on induction. It's like the microwave, good for what it's good for, but it's possible I'm an old fogie!
  • What Bunyip says is true, induction requires pans with sufficient iron content. I think these used to be difficult to find, but in my search for cookware, at more than half the cookware I looked at would have worked (maybe around 75%?). For me the biggest limitation of induction is that I cannot use it to roast a pepper. I loved my gas stove for that! But the range of power - from very very low to very very high -- and the extremely rapid response -- is amazing, and better than any other cooktop I've ever tried. And for me, it was totally a blessing that I finally had an excuse for replacing my old yard-sale pans!
  • Heads up - cooking NYT is seeking beta testers for recipe reviews!
  • I did the little survey and now can post and read notes. I just really enjoyed seeing comments on a recipe I was considering making.
  • kateq, I love the comments too. But have you noticed that many recipes are rated by people who have only read them? What is with that?
  • I see that on Amazon reviews too and it bugs. "I can't wait to use this cookbook." Maybe just review it when you do?
  • Has anyone tried the new tools? VERY cool--you can add recipes from anywhere with one little click...
  • No way! Tell me more. I just looked and can see that you can link to evernote, but I didn't see other tools.
  • Go to your recipe box and then click on tools--there's instructions for adding the extension if you're on chrome and for adding an app to your phone or tablet.
  • Another reason to switch to chrome. I'm a firefox kinda person, but people keep telling me to wake up and smell 2014... haha.
    But this just might be the thing that tips it to chrome. Thanks.

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