Question on hygiene - is it just me, or....
  • The dish I made today (Piri Piri Sardines) required me to marinate the sardines in piri piri sauce for a few hours, then drain them, dip slices of baguette in the sauce and fry them, and then serve the sauce - as is, uncooked - with the sardines that have also been grilled in the meantime. Is it just me or do you also think it's gross to serve a marinade as sauce? And this isn't even the first time I've come across such a thing!

    I always heard you're supposed change cutting boards and knife after you've used them for raw meat or fish, so I'm pretty surprised to encounter instructions like these...
  • I just read your review - I agree - sounds a bit dangerous! I tend to even be skeptical about cooking a used marinade, preferring as you suggested, to use only half as marinade and half for a sauce.

    The hygiene concerns go beyond the cutting board. I was surprised this year to learn that you are not supposed to rinse raw chicken, as the rinsing process can lead to small droplets that contaminate your counters.
  • Interesting! I knew you weren't supposed to rinse meat, but I didn't know it was for that reason.

    I do wonder how instructions like the one in that recipe are able to pass any editor's eyes, but then again magazines often don't seemed to be edited that well...

    How's your kitchen coming along?
  • Slow, but I did put together the first cabinet last night. We discuss it to death - most recently revisiting the idea of two dishwashers (too complicated because light above sink is already in place). I think, though, that we are about to really move on it, get the cabinets done, etc. Am probably going to put in the new Bosch benchmark oven and speed oven, but they are not yet on display in utah (and so its difficult for me to actually order something I have not yet seen).
    The only thing I cook regularly is that coconut tapioca - my kids just cannot get enough of it!

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