Pick a book you haven't used
  • I have a lot of cookbooks that I haven't cooked from (I'm so ashamed). Is anyone interested in a challenge that would be cooking one recipe a day from one of those un-tried cookbooks for two weeks, and then writing review of the recipes? Is that a decent length of time? It would be the book of your choice, and we don't have to each do the same book. Has this already been done? I'm a very new member.
  • Welcome, @awindyday! That's a great idea! I've sort of got my own project going to use one of my seldom (or never) used cookbooks once a week. (My cookbook space is getting full full full, and I need to start thinking about clearing out, but I can't clear out what I haven't used. :-) ) For me, every day would be a bit difficult, but doing as many as possible with a two-, four-, or eight-week period would be great.
  • Welcome, awindyday! Great idea! I too have books with no reviews--some totally neglected, some dotted with post-it's marking recipes I mean to make. It would fun to make such an effort (I actually think we've talked about this before--lots of us are in the same boat ) but I agree with kaye16 on timing.
  • I will add my welcome, too, I've been excited to see your reviews rolling in.
    My kitchen is nonfunctional, but hopefully I am finally at the tail end of my remodeling. Appliances arrived yesterday, and 80% of the cabinets are in. Once I am back in business I hope to become a cooking machine. And yes, I love this challenge idea.
  • Also adding my welcome. I have actually been trying to cook at least one recipe form each of my books that I haven't cooked from yet for awhile now. I have over 3000 cookbooks most of which I haven't even listed on cookbooker. I would join in a challenge like this but more like a recipe or two a week since I work all the time and mostly try out new recipes on the weekends any more. We are going on vacation in a couple weeks so I won't be around for awhile but will be sure and check back to see if a challenge has been started when I return.

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