One day challenges
  • Anyone interested in cooking something Scottish (or English, if that's your tendency) on Thursday, Sept 18 in honour of the Scottish vote on independence? It doesn't have to be Haggis... :)
  • shortbread, scones, salmon, whiskey--yum!
  • Good idea, but we're out all day and I won't be cooking.
  • Wish I had an oven! My Scottish grandmother's scone recipe is spartan and wonderful. A vegetarian scotch broth doesn't sound possible (or delicious) but I'll try.
  • Kaye, if Friday is more convenient for you, you could also do Friday - the ballot will be closing late at night, so I wouldn't expect the results until Friday, or in any case Thursday evening past dinner time in the US.

    QS, no oven yet? Aw, I thought you'd be celebrating your new kitchen by now! Cranachan sounds like something you could do quite easily with very few tools, and it's even vegetarian (it's a dessert). I am considering making an alcohol-free version as I'm pregnant (yay!), though that might not be (contemporary-)authentic at all.

    I also just looked up the other thread - World Peace Day is on Sept 21st, for whoever wants to join. I have no idea what to make, though. If I didn't know already that we'll eat quite a lot of cake in the week after, I would bake a cake (as in 'peace of cake'). Maybe something with peas? Gotta love homonyms...
  • Yes, Friday would be better for me. I even have a Scottish cookbook that I've never used. Maybe I could manage something from that. And oatmeal (porridge) for breakfast! Maybe an idea to extend through the weekend, like Thursday through Sunday???

    How about for Peace/Peas day we could make and serve together dishes from opposite sides from your favorite conflict?

    Congrats on the coming babykins!

    QS, kitchen remodels always seem to take twice as long as planned. It will be worth it once you get through this time, but it takes patience and creativity now.

  • That cranachan sounds like quite the outrageous dish! I'll give it a try.
    My appliances are sitting in my living room, probably still "2 weeks out" (that was what everyone said each step, which we eventually learned means "I have no freaking idea how long"). But I'm loving the space, and I know it will be good, in another 2 weeks ;)

    And congratulations, Friederike! How exciting.

    I think Smitten Kitchen has cookies that are called world peace cookies. Perhaps one could also prepare a meal with dishes indigenous to each country in a conflict (russian and Ukrainian, for example).

    (edited to correct typo)
  • A BABY!! How lovely!

    And QS, your kitchen (which sounds like it will be fabulous) is nearly done!

    Dorie Greenspan has World Peace Cookies in her Baking book and I think on her website.

    I've been loving making cold borscht this summer -- I could happily think about constructing a meal around it---some Russian dessert or salad perhaps to go with the Ukrainian soup. Or there are all those fabulous recipes in the Ottolenghi Jerusalem book, Israeli and Palestinian.
  • Sure, why not extend it through the weekend? Whatever works is best!
    QS, will you follow any specific recipe for Cranachan, or just the general instructions on Wikipedia? I'll probably do either this version or this one, not sure yet.

    And I love the idea of serving dishes together from two countries that are in conflict! Russia with Ukraine seems an obvious candidate, but boy, this year there are so many candidates!

    Thank you all for the congratulations! I just hope it will be an adventurous eater some day! :)

    Is it an idea to add a list of future one day challenges to my top post in this thread, so that we can keep it as a reference?
  • I tagged my reviews 'one day challenge' and 'Scottish referendum'...
  • I like the idea of a list of challenges.
    Sorry to have not prepared Cranachan yet - I'll look at your recipe suggestions.

    I felt like a successful parent when dropping my son off for college in August - he was so excited that the dorm had a kitchen and he said "what could be better than all of us cooking together?" I'm not sure how one cultivates adventuresome eating habits, I might have just been lucky. But I do think having diverse foods at an early age has got to help.
  • But that's great! I'll admit that at that age I didn't know anything about cooking. That only came some time in my twenties...

    I was much too busy today to cook something new, so I actually stuck to an old recipe and simply made a "peace/piece of pie". Anyone else made something related to World Peace Day?

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