Anyone made Burgoo?
  • I'm having a party and want to feed a crowd a hearty fall meal. I've heard this is a great dish which is traditionally served at Kentucky Derby parties, but it makes me a little nervous because I've never made it (or even tasted it!) before. I would appreciate and advice (or warnings!).
  • I've never made it, and never even heard of it. I'm hoping SouthernCooker might weigh in.
  • I've never made it but have read about it. Here's a recipe I've had on a "make this someday list" for quite a while.
  • I haven't made it but have thought about it and even have a recipe marked to try soon. I have made Brunswick stew though and it's similar. Here's a link to tell about the differences.
  • @lisakelsey, I hope we hear back about your experiences. I have to say I like saying "Burgoo" and it sure looks delicious.
  • I've got a friend who makes a terrific Brunswick Stew - tomato, meat (usually pork), corn, field peas or other small beans. Tradition calls for game, but it's optional (or as in southerncooker's link, can be approximated with lamb/mutton). My only tip is that the corn and beans should still have some texture to them, not cooked down like a chili bean.
  • Thanks everyone! I think I will try combining my recipe with kateq's and see what happens. I'm making it next week so I'll let you know!

    PS I just found out I've been pronouncing it wrong: the accent is on the first syllable. BUR-goo!
  • I just want to thank you all for your input--I had put the question out on Facebook and didn't hear anything back so I'm so glad I'm part of this forum!

    The Burgoo turned out awesome and was a HUGE hit. I used the recipe from simply recipes that KateQ suggested. I used country ribs, chuck roast, and chicken legs and pretty much followed the recipe except I liked the idea of a smoky flavor so I used BBQ-style beef broth from a brand called Chicken Soup for the Soul (yes, I know it sounds corny, but it was good!). Next time I will probably throw a few ham hocks in there instead.

    I made most of it the day ahead and added the corn and lima beans when I put I on the stove to serve. I made cornbread from Marcus Samuelson's New American Table to go with it. I recommend you try to feed a crowd!
  • Sounds like a great party! I hope you remember to review the recipes, too.
  • What a delicious sounding meal! The idea of ham hocks is brilliant.
  • Ooh, yeah - I'm going to have to try that ham hocks idea...

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