• I've been thinking of playing around with granola recipes so we can quit buying it. Jennc's review of the epicurious recipe, and looking at my previous reviews, it seems that nice big clusters are tough to generate, but that egg whites might be the key. I also remember Andrews advice to add fruit toward the end so it doesn't burn. I am wondering if any of you have a favorite recipe or have granola wisdom to share. Thanks.
  • Hi QS, I too love granola that clusters and have been very successful with several recipes. My recent favorite is in the Oh She Glows book - Ultimate Nutty Granola Clusters. She also has a similar recipe on her blog (Granola Nut Clusters) which is adapted from the Smitten Kitchen Granola Crusted Nuts recipe which I have not tried but looks terrific.
  • Great ideas. I just have to try that egg white approach! I'm hoping to get granola'd up this weekend, so watch for my reviews! Then I travel back to see Mom for 2 weeks - hopefully will do some cooking there.

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