Problems with - Huckleberry by Zoe Nathan
  • FYI: Before you bake from this book, I suggest you read some of the reviews at Amazon (the low-star ones). There are problems with the weight measurements and there are some typos and at least one known omission. People are reporting some disasters. Better safe than sorry, I thought I'd better tell you. I also sent a note about it to EYB management. (We cookbook folks gotta look after each other.) I also entered a review in our cookbook reviews.
  • I was thinking of getting this one and joined a Facebook group that is cooking from the book. When I realized the problems some of them were having I decided I didn't want the book. I did hear that someone that works at the authors bakery joined the group and was helping with some of the problems.

    Brenda glad to hear your sent a note to EYB.
  • What a bummer to have poor editing of a cookbook! Bravo, Brenda, for your efforts on the behalf of home cooks everywhere.
  • I pre-ordered this book on the basis of a wonderful recipe of Ms. Nathan's which was the basis of a blog entry on the Wednesday Chef. I made the cake and absolutely loved it. When the book came, I found the version of the recipe (blueberries instead of cranberries) and compared it to the one I had made--it didn't compute at all. As far as I can figure, the proportions of dry to wet ingredients are off by a lot.
    People rave about Ms. Nathan's food and that cake I made was wonderful. So I don't want to give up on the book entirely, and there are a number of recipes which I have on my "to make" list.
    I've noticed this before--a chef takes a recipe which is very successful and which is generally made in a large quantity and revises it to suit the "home cook" and in a much smaller quantity. And it doesn't work. There's a Nutella Swirl Cake which is fabulous, but only after one reworks the ingredients list and the instructions--same thing as the Nathan cake.
  • What an interesting post. I especially liked the suggestion #1 - let things get browner. I know I'm guilty of removing things from the oven too soon. I also find that my sense of smell is an excellent judge of cooking, and I should be more confident about it.
  • They reissued the book (Amazon sent it out for free) and it had some fixes but more errors that weren't in the first book. I threw both books away.

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