Battle of the (taste) Buds
  • My son, home from college, selected a 15 lb pork shoulder from Costco. We decided to prepare it three ways - Southern (pulled pork), Mexican (tacos) and Chinese (roast). We rank the Chili braised pork shoulder tacos #1, the pulled pork a close second, and the roast third. We were surprised, thinking that there were few things better than pulled pork! Have you ever done something like this?
  • I am trying to visualise a 7.5 kg pork shoulder - that's a pretty big pig!

    If you cooked it three different ways, I presume that means it was cut into three pieces. My word, unless you were cooking for a crowd you must have had pork coming out of your ears!
  • Yes, we do that with chicken wings. We made a spread of fried wings, hot wings, and garlic parmesan wings. For the fried wings we offered several different types of hot sauce for dipping. Shrimp is another fun dish to make a variety of ways...but that can be a little pricey.
  • I sometimes try to make a series of dishes - I'd make one dish, and make another version of it one or two weeks (or even months) later. As it's just the two of us, anything else would be pretty impossible. Coq au Vin is a nice example (oh my god, I just realised that I made all eight dishes tagged as Coq au Vin!).
    I can't even imagine what a 15 lb pork shoulder would look like. Did you get it in a single pieces? Must have been huge!
  • It was a single giant piece of meat We cut it into three similar-sized chunks, and quite surprisingly, it all seemed to disappear. I guess the dining hall food at school has made him appreciate home cooking.
    We are still talking about the taco recipe, and I think it will be on the menu again soon.

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