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  • I'm due in about four weeks time. DH and I really enjoyed watching Mad Men, and he always used to joke that when I'm in labour, he'd stick to the waiting room, have a bottle of cognac and smoke a cigar. Obviously, he won't do that (whatever his plans really are :) ), but as our bottle of cognac is nearly empty anyway, I thought I'd surprise him with a nice bottle. However, he doesn't smoke, so giving him a cigar is pretty pointless. Can anybody think of something that looks like a cigar and would make a nice gift? Possibly something chocolatey? As I have no idea when I'm going into labour (and I would preferably want to get it wthin the next two weeks), it would have to be non-perishable.
  • They sell chocolate cigars in boxes that look just like cigar boxes. I got some for my husband with our first son. Best wishes with your new baby.

  • Yes, the Godiva chocolate cigars are the way to go. You can even get them in little boxes so he can hand them out like it's the 1950s. Congrats and best wishes!
  • Wow, those Godiva cigars look brilliant! Silly me, I knew there were chocolate cigarettes, but for some reason I never thought there might be propper chocolate cigars! It's too bad I can't order them, they don't ship to Europe (and even if they did, they might not arrive in time). I tried to find out if there is a European shop selling those Godiva cigars, but couldn't find one - the reason seems to be that chocolate cigars and cigarettes have been banned by the EU a few years ago 'for endangering the youth', while cigars and cigarettes continue to be sold... ridiculous! Anyway, I found one sold in Europe that is at least packaged like a cigar... kind of... close enough to get the idea... thanks for the inspiration and good wishes!
  • A baby! How lovely! Congratulations, Friederike.
  • Best wishes, Friederike. For me, becoming a mother was the single most life changing event, though it took a few years for the commotion to recede somewhat and for me to realize it. Wishing you and your DH much happiness.
  • Thank you!
    Actually, I was surprised to notice how much my pregnancy made family dynamics change during the past few months - I really hadn't expected that! And it's not even the first baby in the family...
  • I wonder if those chocolate cigars have been handed out yet...
  • yes, me too. Timeline, Friederike?
  • Joining the Me-Too chorus!
  • Yes, they have! Little Jacob was born on February 20th and is doing very well!

    In the end, I got DH a box of chocolates in a cigar box (the closest to real chocolate cigars you can get) and a bottle of whisky after I found out that Don Draper actually drinks whisky, not cognac (and we needed a new bottle of whisky anyway). I wrapped the present as a 'kraampakket for fathers' - here in the Netherlands, most births are natural births, and if you go to the hospital at all, you usually only go quite late in the process. This is why you'll need to get a 'kraampakket' which contains all the stuff you and your midwife will need. Less than two weeks before Jacob's birth we found out that he was in breech position and therefore opted for a caesarean, so we knew when he would be born. The evening before we had to go to hospital, I asked DH to check the two kraampakkets if we would need to take anything to the hospital, knowing that it was actually quite a stupid question in these circumstances. He was surprised that there were two of them, and that one of them was addressed to him ('why didn't she tell me?'), then he joked that his parcel was quite heavy and therefore probably contained a bottle of whisky (it was soo hard to keep a straight face at that point!), then he opened the real kraampakket first, meticulously checking item for item (torture!), until he finally opened his present. You should have seen his face!

    Anyway, you're probably more interested in Jacob. He's a great kid, quite laid-back actually, except for the days that were too busy, or introduced some kind of a larger change (like just now when I finally got breastfeeding going, yay!). And obviously, he's the cutest baby ever. And I'm totally objective. Seriously. :) I don't want to post any photos of him online, but if you want to post a throw-away email address, I'll mail them to you...
  • Congrats!!!! What happy news...

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