2015 piglet
  • Food 52 has started its annual slap-down of cookbooks. Anyone else reading along? I really enjoyed the one review that is up now - comparing Prune and Heritage - and I agree with the commenters that the reviewer didn't much emphasize the recipes. What do you all think?
  • OK, I usually am only mildly interested in the piglet, but man oh man, you've just got to check out the second review, here. The most unusual and funny review I've read. Just go ahead and click it!
  • QS, thanks for the link--that review is FABULOUS! How nice to start this early and very cold morning with a good giggle. I'll have to go back and read the Prune and Heritage reviews--two books on my wish list. I may have to add the dessert book as well. I do on occasion read the French blog--so pretentious but some really good food.
  • Roberts' Headley-Thorrison review is fantastic! What a laugh.
  • I love the piglet.
  • The first round is done. I was really surprised at Huckleberry winning, given the scuttlebutt that I had heard, and I'm really interested in checking out "lunch at the shop". What do you all think so far?
  • I'm enjoying the reviews where they actually tell what they cooked and how it turned out. The latest is my favorite - Smashing Plates vs My Paris Kitchen. I love that the reviewer actually spent several days with each book trying several of the recipes. Both books sound like real winners.
  • The review quality is highly variable, isn't it? I agree - that was an interesting review. I also really found myself curious about flavor flours, might have to get that one.

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