Epicurious Cookbook Canon
  • Epicurious is putting together a list of important cookbooks. The only categories I do fairly well in are International and Vegetables&Vegetarian. The article says the final ten will be announced on Friday, which I think was yesterday, but I haven't found that article yet. It looks like they will begin doing monthly cookbook reviews soon.

    The long list ...
    The search for ...
  • That long list is interesting. My bookshelves didn't match very well either, though I did hit 75% on the vegetarian category!
  • Me too. Miss only Plenty there. Have 7/13 in the International category. Otherwise, I do pretty poorly.
  • I've seen plenty of these lists before and I don't think this one is particularly good. I also have 75% of the vegetarian ones, 33% of the all purpose ones, and a handful of the others.

    That being said, no one needs to have Modernist Cuisine at Home on their bookshelves. And the baking category was pathetic - two bread books and one baking book. There are wonderful baking tomes available to home bakers which were ignored. Two books by Ina Garten also seems like over kill.

  • The long list comes for nominations. They said they were surprised by how few baking books were suggested. I'm not sure how the final ten will be selected. (And doesn't look like they are either since they're quite late getting it published now.)
    I'm not sure a home cook needs any restaurant/chef cookbooks when there so many more useful books to be had. That said, I do refer to my Larousse Gastronomique frequently, although mostly for information.
  • Just found the final list ... http://origin.www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/10-essential-cookbook-canon-article
    It includes books not on the long list. Hmm...
  • I saw that final list too. It's better than the long list but still odd. I've definitely seen better lists.

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