18,000 reviews!
  • We are at 17,999 reviews right now.

    Hoping that number 18,000 would be a biggie, I am postponing my review of pumpkin pie.
    That is about 1,000 reviews in the past year. Terrific.
  • I posted a small handful of reviews recently for things I made over the holidays; I see the total is now 18019. I'm still trying to break triple digits for my own reviews.
  • You will get there, Vanessa, and I think you will enjoy being able to go back to find recipes you've enjoyed. It sure helps me when thinking about the week's menu. And I love reading your reviews!
  • I love reading the reviews too. I have often gotten great tips on how to make something and have been directed to recipes I might otherwise never have tried. I'm actually disappointed when I see that something has been reviewed and then find no comments.
  • Oh, thanks Queezle : )

    I love the reviews where something went wrong with the recipe, and the reviewer explains how they fixed it. I learn so much that way.
  • I just noticed that there are now 18,888 reviews! You guys are awesome.
  • Yay! Thanks for posting these updates.

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