Tiny Tech Note
  • Hi everyone. Just a tiny tech note. I finally upgraded the Cookbooker server. It's cheaper now and noticeably faster too. I was thinking of closing things down, but it's become more affordable so I'll let it keep running for now.

    I have restricted new sign-ups for a while, but I might open it up again if I can figure out how to keep the spammers out.
  • You are wonderful, Andrew. I've noticed that the advertisements have disappeared. I certainly do not mind the ads - esp. if it help you break even.
    Thank you for keeping our little social group together. We love it.
  • Thanks from me too!! I love using this site. And I totally agree re: ads
  • Thanks, Andrew!
  • Thanks Andrew! Sorry about the spammers. :-(
  • Adding my thanks too.
  • I would be SO sad to see this site go. Thank you Andrew.
  • Thank you, Andrew!
  • Thanks from me, too!

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