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  • I enjoy seeing what user names people choose and have seen some very interesting ones on Cookbooker. Was wondering about the history of some of your names, if you don't mind sharing. I decided on southern cooker since I love to cook and am from the south. My son teases me sometimes and says it should be slow cooker. Anyone else want to share?
  • I recently changed my user name from Lazy Lurker to Queezle Sister. I used to be Lazy Lurker, because at other web sites (apartment therapy) I liked to look, but didn't contribute to the conversations, at least that was the way it used to be.

    Recently my sister joined this site, and she thought our user names should include "sister". I didn't want to be "lazy sister" (no matter how much my sister might enjoy it), and my daughter wanted me to use "queezle" - who was our sweet little quail who we found half dead in our yard. Queezle had the run of our house (yes, as yucky as you might think), she slept in bed with my kids, but after a year, a male quail started courting her. We let her go and watched her raise at least one covey of baby quail.

    I think your son is lucky to have such a prolific a cook as a mother!
    By the way, I have not yet been able to change my username here - anyone figure that one out? Or should I change back to lazy lurker?
  • I can change it for you if you'd like to be Queezle Sister here as well. Let me me know if you'd like to take the plunge!
  • I am funny about using my real name on-line so I have been AJ since just about the first I went on line some 15 or so years ago. At that time I had a cat named AJ so I borrowed her moniker and added a date that was meaningful to me that I knew I'd remember. I generally only check in at and contribute to forums and boards at cooking and reading sites and I use the same handle (different passwords) at each one.

    Southerncooker -- i used to live in the South (first Raleigh, then Richmond) -- While I love NYC, I am still missing Southern places and people. Love the Junior League recipe collections from that part of the world. Think we'll be retiring back down that way when the time comes.

  • I used to live in the south, too! I did my PhD at the University of GA. What I miss the most is all the wonderful small BBQ places. My husband misses the boiled peanuts.
  • I enjoyed reading your reasons for choosing your user names. Thanks for replying. I also enjoy reading both your reviews. I'm sure happy that Queezle Sister decided to change from being a lurker as I enjoy the interaction. AJ if you even make it back down here let me know. Maybe we can meet for coffee or something and recipe and cookbook chat. Same goes for you Queezle Sister. Bet we could find some good BBQ.
  • Southerncooker -- I do occasionally make it down to NC since one of my closest friends is in Raleigh and my husband loves to golf down there. Would love to meet up and compare notes so I'll keep you posted about travel plans ... I see you are from Boomer but can't remember where that is ... if it is anywhere near Chapel Hill, A Southern Season would be a nice place to get together...
  • AJ, Boomer is about a 4 hour drive from Chapel Hill. I've heard alot about A Southern Season. Would love to take one of their cooking classes. Please do keep me posted about your travel plans.
  • Will do -- and if you ever make it up my way, I'd love to meet up with you and do a "foodie field trip" around here -- lots I haven't seen even after four years.

    I sign up for a couple of cooking classes a year around here -- I love the chef demos at Macy's and have learned a lot from them -- and you get enough to eat that it's almost like a dinner out. I took a meat class (butchery really) at CIA -- It did feel pretty surreal -- me and that entire side of pork. Poor thing. The instructor had all he could do not to take the knife from my hands.
  • "The ducks guts" is old slang (Australian, I suspect) for ,er, "the best". Not a very modest moniker, but it is used in the movie Mad Max which was filmed near Melbourne, many many years ago, and I like, not for the violence (fairly upsetting - lots of visits to the kitchen during some scenes), but for the scenery. Husband and I used to geocache using it, and so he suggested I use it here.
  • Have been in the service industry for 25 years, but what I like best is the front of the house, as a waiter. Hence, the name.
  • The bunyip is a mythical Australian creature that lurks in swamps and eats lost children. Nowadays it has been cutesified, but to the Aborigines in the south eastern part of the country it was scarey (and no doubt used to keep the kiddies in line).

    "Bunyip" is also used rather as the British use "cod", meaning fake or illegitimate. Thus when in the early nineteenth century W C Wentworth suggested replicating the English class system, he was ridiculed for proposing a "bunyip aristocracy."

    It has always appealed to me as a user name, and I have used it elsewhere.

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