Short Stack editions
  • Is anyone familiar with the Short Stack series? They're small cookbooks with a single author focused on a single ingredient. And I do mean small - 47 chapbook-sized pages. I picked up Grits by Virginia Willis, Buttermilk by Angie Mosier, and Eggs by Ian Knauer because the Bitter Southerner website started selling them through their store ( Then I realized I was holding volumes 1, 4, and 5, and found out there's 20 more over at . I don't really follow enough food writing to know any of these names, so I thought I might ask for comments over here.

    So far, I can say that I found at least 2 recipes I'm eager to make from _Grits_, which I started over my lunch break.
  • Interesting. Haven't seen these before. Don't recognize any of the author names, but that's not saying too much. Do the little books have ISBNs?
  • Virginia Willis wrote "Bon Appetit Y'All"and a bunch of other books--Angie Mosier started out as a pastry cook--now she's a pretty successful food photographer--Ian Knauer has a show called "the Farm" and writes a lot of food articles. My friend picked up a couple of the volumes and I was entranced. They are beautiful little books and I (who have too many cookbooks) am sorely tempted.
  • They do have ISBNs, Kaye16. Most of the records at LibraryThing ( seem to have them.

    And they really are entrancing little objects - the books are sewn together with yarn which matches/coordinates with the colors of the cover.

    I continued to find neat stuff in the grits cookbook; buttermilk was less impressive but there are a couple of fun ideas in there.

    Kateq, I promise not to tell you that you can buy a subscription to whatever next year's volumes are...
  • Actually I've seen them on the Bitter Southerner (I love that site) and am more tempted than ever having read your buttermilk cheese reviews...
  • Eat Your Books is doing a give away of several volumes of Short Stacks now thru mid-November.

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