Sweet by Ottolenghi & Goh
  • Such a great book! There's now an "Update" for the American/Canadian edition, listing a whole series of corrections. It can be found at http://crownpublishing.com/SweetUpdate
  • I don't see any way to add a public note on a book. Maybe it would be an idea to put this link into a review of the book???
  • Hi fellow "sweet" owners. If you have the North American edition, you can contact the publishers at sweet@tenspeed.com to get a replacement copy.
    I did this and got on the list to have the next edition sent to me.
  • Thanks, Kestrel!
  • So are all the issues that are out now flawed? I borrowed this book from the library - and only admired all those beautiful desserts.
  • From what I understand, it is only the North American edition that is affected. The British one is fine. The new North American edition I due to be out in April, so it's best to check the corrections if you're going to bake from it.
  • Today I got my replacement copy of Sweet (North American edition) with all the corrections. :)

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