Problems with adding photos
  • Anyone else having issues with adding photos? I keep coming up with a blank box once I've clicked to upload my photos for the past few days. Just wondering if it's my computer or an issue with the site.
  • I'd guess it's the website, I haven't been able to upload photos either (from my phone).
  • I tried it now on my computer, doesn't work there either.
  • Thanks for the replies. Guess it is the site then and not on my end.
  • I also can't add photos on my iPad.
  • Have you thought about using Instagram for posting your photos? I've just added a link to my profile.
  • This is a wild guess. I have a small foodie forum at Pro Boards (Great Food Forum) and we cannot add photos directly from our phones or computers. Instead, any photos must be stored elsewhere (we did not elect to PAY for photo storage). So, you might want to test by putting your photos on some free photo storage site and point to THAT site when you attempt to upload.

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