• Anybody else listening to culinary/gastronomic podcasts - or "potcasts", as my husband likes to call them?
    I'm enjoying Gastropod, and I also liked the one episode of A Taste of the Past I've listened to. Anyone else have any recommendations?
  • I listen to The Food Programme on BBC and I enjoy it. I also recently listened to one episode of Ottolenghi's Simple Pleasures (a new one he has out), and I quite liked it.
  • Ottolenghi has a podcast?!
    I looked both of them up, and came across The Food Chain on BBC, which also looks interesting.
  • More cultural than culinary, but Gravy from the Southern Foodways Alliance is terrific. I used to listen to Splendid Table, but I haven't for a while. (Hour long shows just don't work for my listening habits very well; I'm much happier with half-hour shows.)

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