Question about Posting New Reviews or Additions to Bookshelf
  • I was wondering if other users generally saw their own reviews listed on the home page or when they click on "Recent Activity." I used to occasionally see my activity on the home page when I posted a review for a recipe in a cookbook that had no other reviews, or when I was the first person to add a cookbook. And I always saw my activity under recent activity. But since I've been back (I've been absent quite awhile as I haven't been able to cook for some time) I see only the activity of others on the home and recent activity pages, and not mine. I only see mine if I click on my reviews or my bookshelf. Is this the case with other users?
  • I don't see my reviews under "Recent Activity" that I remember. That (I think) is reviews from my CB friends and from my cookbooks.
    I see my reviews sometimes under "Recently Reviewed" on the left. But it's weird, because it's currently showing one I reviewed four or five reviews ago. I think that this list isn't updating like it used to, but could be wrong about that.
  • Thanks for responding and clearing that up for me!

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