Xmas cookbooks?
  • What cookbooks are you asking Santa for this year?
  • Jubilee and Living Bread

  • My top two are Ruhlman's From Scratch and Wells' My Master Recipes. But both were published this year and are pricey. Probably wait another year for those.
    Jaffrey's Vegetarian Indian (or the UK version, Curry Easy Vegetarian) might be one for Santa this year. And/or Sitwell's History of Food in 100 Recipes. Or Melissa Clark's Dinner perhaps. Or Ken Hom's Taste of China.
    Too many books, not enough time.
  • Isn't it the truth?! I just (with the help of a friend--without her I couldn't have done it) went through my cookbooks and gave about eight cartons of books away--even while they were going out, I was eyeing more I wanted to buy. I guess as addictions go it could be worse.
  • I'm trying to keep my cookbooks in a certain set of shelves. But if I had to put the books scattered through the house into the shelves, it wouldn't be possible. Too many of them are old friends. Even if I never cook from some of them again, there's still sentiment attached. I've been trying to clear out, but you know how hard it is.

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