Great Cookbook & Cake Posters
  • Calling all cookbook lovers. Check out these excellent posters from artist & writer Summer Pierre:

    I am strongly considering this one: - the name alone does it for me, but I do like the style too!

    Maybe these would make good challenge prizes too...
  • Very beautiful. For many of us that are easily tempted to add cookbooks to our collection, having a poster like that might lure you into collecting the ones you don't have. They would be nice challenge prizes that could help spread the word about Cookbooker. Real conversation starters!
  • I think I once owned that Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook, I wonder what ever happened to it! There is something sweet about those old cookbooks.
  • Slightly different kind of poster, but I buy these calendars every year. Next to each of the miniature photos there's a text with some information (in German), usually giving the name of whatever is depicted in German, Latin, English, French, and sometimes Spanish. The same images are sold as posters as well.
  • Great idea! I love "art" in the kitchen. Several years ago I did a small kitchen remodel and could NOT, for the life of me, figure out what to put behind the stove. (backsplash)

    I settled on a $30 painted canvas from TJ Maxx as a temporary measure...and it looked AMAZING. Now I just change it whenever it gets too full of grease or stained ...maybe every 2 years. They are suprisingly easy to wipe clean, so they last awhile. I have ditched the idea of an expensive mosaic or some such idea. This is working out just fine.

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