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  • I just found this website that does what I have long been dreaming about: exploring flavour combinations in a visual form: Love it!

    PS: Andrew, what about another catergory for posts, something like 'other' or 'random' - would that be easy to do? None of the existing categories really fits this post...
  • I love this site. It also tells you what you can replace a food with. I can't tolerate soy, and I am frustrated with what to replace it with (other than salt) in recipes. I tried the replacement feature and the only replacements were Iberian ham and tomato!
  • Very interesting. There was a book in our best of 2010 cookbooks roundup with a similar idea, called the Flavour Thesaurus: - it also looks quite intriguing.

    I've created a 'websites' category now since there are so many interesting online food resources we could discuss.
  • There's also this:

    This is by same couple who wrote Culinary Artistry and What to Drink with What You Eat -- two books I liked a lot ... I found the info in the above to be a bit repetitive of what they'd already written in Culinary Artistry so I didn't buy buy it -- but it has a ton of good information.
  • I own Culinary Artistry too - also because I wanted to use it as a basis for something similar to what they did on, but gave up halfway through - it was soo much typing!

    @Sieburp, that does make sense. Soy sauce is also umami, just like tomatos. Still, only two ingredients? Hmm. What about concentrated stock? Dried shrimps or shrimp paste? Japanese dashi?

    @Andrew Thank you!

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