Classification Question
  • I've been indexing some recipes and wondering if it's better to classify salad dressing recipes under condiments or as sauces/gravies. Any thoughts?
  • Also, what about sandwiches and wraps? Do people classify these in the "other" category?
  • I think I'd put salad dressings under sauces/gravies until such time as they get their own classification. I'd be tempted to call sandwiches and wraps as "main dishes" based upon how we treat them. I mean, a sandwich is the main event, is it not?
  • Thanks Selah. I've been using "other" and "main dishes" depending on the recipe for sandwiches, wraps and burritos. And you've confirmed my thought about the dressings. ;-)
  • I think of salad dressings as a condiment and have been listing them that way when I do a review. I do put sandwiches and wraps in the other category.
  • Thanks for telling me how you do it southerncooker. I guess there's no wrong answer here!
  • I've mulled this over, and though I think I'd weigh in on this as condiments too, I think salad dressings are enough of an important recipe that they should get their own classification, as @SelahWrites alluded to. So they now appear separately in the course listing.
  • YOU ROCK Andrew! Now if I could create a spreadsheet of EVERY salad and dressing in each of my over 50 cookbooks, I would rule the world!
  • Thanks so much Andrew! Now I just have to go back and edit a few things.
  • Selah, you sound like you are just as much of a list freak as I am!
  • Leeka, I have (in my laptop) a spread sheet of every cookbook, every recipe I've tried, want to try, or someone I know has vouched for. I was a member of a forum that has since sort of faded off into the sunset where we had threads for "what's for dinner?" and Make these cookies like NAOW! and even one called "Use your cookbooks, Floozy!" Where we all voted on a cookbook and reported results. Sort of like a baby Cookbooker but with shoes and makeup and purses..... and lots of complaining....
  • Wow, that's so funny. I'm really glad I mentioned cookbooker on our Goodreads group then. I hope we get some more people participating here too. I really love what Andrew and the members are building here and the more people that use it the more useful it will become.
  • I love this community, too. We need more members, and we need for Andrew to make more $$ from the ad revenue. I've recently started clicking the ads in hopes that will help. Also, I try to convert family, friends, etc. Its just such a great site, I cannot believe its not over-run by participants. But I'm sure that some day, we will look back on when this was small, and miss these days.
  • That's a good idea Queezle Sister! Usually I ignore those ads but I want to help Andrew too. I'm very enthusiastic when I talk about the site too and it shocks me that more people don't understand or see the tremendous value here. Or maybe I'm just a huge list freak and not everyone gets it.
  • I'm very pleased that everyone likes the site so much and wants to support it. But please don't start any 'clicking campaigns' if you're not actually curious about any of the ads - Google frowns on this sort of thing and would terminate our account if it looked like there was some sort of organized thing going on. They can tell if a small number of people are clicking a lot of ads.

    Hopefully some of the ads will be useful to you and you'll follow them out of interest - I'm also hoping to start getting more relevant ones later this year so that new cookbooks will show up etc. Google ads are fairly generic.

    But please do spread the word - absent Oprah or the New York Times writing us up, it will be word of mouth that grows the site.

    One other way of supporting will hopefully be financial. I am putting together a package of ideas for a premium membership to the site, for a modest fee. This would also include ad-free usage, and new member-only features. I'll talk more about it and ask for feedback once I have something to show you all.
  • I hear ya! I'll continue to talk it up among friends and find small ways to bring people in via other blogs. Thanks for all you do, Andrew.
  • I had some friends join around the same time I did and I'm just stunned that they haven't become active. I love this site and the community and only wish we could get more people involved.
  • I will continue to share about the site with friends as well. This is a great place to be!
  • I've been telling everyone of my foodie friends about the site and managed to get at least five of them to sign up. i think you've got a great thing going here!
  • This is my favorite social media site! It's my treat to myself to participate when I have the rare spare time to do it!

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