Summer eBook Sale!
  • I thought I'd post here that Amazon is having a big ebook sale. There are quite a few cookbooks listed, I've already picked out two and I've only spent $3!!! There are also a ton of things that would be interesting to foodies in general, like growing your own food, etc. And for those of you new to ebooks, you don't have to have a kindle to read them. There are programs to make kindle books compatable with your computer, ipad/pod, whatever! I think the sale is over on the 27th so lots of time left!

  • Thanks for posting this. I have only ever bought one cookbook on Kindle (I have an IPad), but I haven't used it yet. Anyone else bought cookbooks as e-books?
  • I'm pretty new to ebooks too. But I thought cookbooks would particularly awesome in this format. Especially when it comes to searching for really random ingredients that aren't usually listed in the index, you can just do a book-wide text search. Not to mention ebooks are a little cheaper than their paper cousins, so more money for food! I'm still playing around with it, but I'm really happy so far.
  • I just bought the Tassajara Bread Book - for $1.99 it's a no-brainier, and it's one of those classics I've never owned.
  • I bought that one too. As well as Heirloom Beans, Raw Food, Edible Wild Plants, and Dutch Oven Cooking. Score! And I might have gotten one or two that weren't cookbooks....:0

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