10,000 reviews and counting!
  • Just wanted to note that yesterday we passed the 10,000 review mark. The golden review was posted by aj12754 who gave a single star (alas) to an Epicurious recipe: http://www.cookbooker.com/recipe/25282/rutabaga-turnip-carrot-soup

    Fabulous work, everyone! Thanks for helping make Cookbooker not just a useful resource but also a fun place to hang out. I'm working behind the scenes on a couple of fairly big additions to the site, and I'll announce them later this winter once they're actually confirmed (and working). They should help make the site even more useful for everyone.
  • Thanks Andrew, and congratulations on a great site.
  • Thank you, Andrew, for building this wonderful community. Cookbooker is a supportive and fun thing. It has helped me hone my photographic and culinary skills, make new friends, and keep in touch with my sister. And my family loves the food!
  • Here's to the next 10,000! Happy New Year and Happy Cooking to all!
  • Congratulations, Andrew! You put a lot of hard work into this, and I'm really glad there's such a good resource like cookbooker. My cooking has changed enormously since I've become a member!
  • It is exciting to see so many new reviews daily, that it is hard to read them all. Cookbooker puts the joy in my day - something I do for myself. I really enjoy being part of this community. My congratulations also!
  • Cookbooker is my favorite social media site! Thank you for creating a venue that speaks so fully to my interests, cooking, baking, cookbooks, sharing, interaction with authors, reviewing. It's really all I could hope for!
  • Congratulations! Here's to another 10k, cheers!
  • We've almost hit 11111 reviews (we are at 11,100 as of my writing this comment!).
  • That's a magic number! Then we have to shoot for 22,222...
  • We are up to 13000 reviews - with the 13000th review being a 5-star kettle corn recipe! Power on, cookbookers!
  • Good stuff everyone. Keep on going! I just added a couple from my Christmas present from my wife - Keller's Bouchon Bakery. I'll have to get cooking and see how many more I can add this year.

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