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  • Does anyone have experience with one of the online cookbook-buying clubs? If so, can you recommend and/or steer me clear of a specific one? The only one I've checked out so far is The Good Cook. They're currently offering 4 books for $4 with an obligation to buy two more sometime in the next year at regular club price. I'm tempted, even though they don't seem to carry any of the America's Test Kitchen books, which are my main interest at the moment.
  • I've looked some more now, and it appears that their offerings really are pretty limited. I guess I'll have to stick to buying my cookbooks in thrift stores and asking for the really fancy, specific ones for Christmas and birthday gifts!
  • I've been a member of Crafter's Choice for years. Originally, I used my membership to buy knitting books but now I use it for cookbooks. Crafter's Choice and The Good Cook are the same club.

    I LOVE getting cookbooks this way. I often get up to date, hardcover books for $11 or less - with free shipping. If you use the search feature on the site you can often find books that are not readily advertised. The Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen cookbooks, however, are generally not for sale in these clubs.

    Anyway, I heartily endorse the cookbook clubs and have gotten many wonderful cookbooks very affordably through my membership.
  • That's great to hear, Beth. You're definitely making me reconsider. I'm especially pleased to hear that the shipping charges can be reasonable. Thanks so much for the detailed feedback - I'll check out the Crafter's Choice site too. I'm the queen of short-term hobbies!

  • I never buy unless I get free shipping. They're always sending you free shipping deals and other sales in your email.
  • Great to know. Thanks so much!
  • I have found Better World Books an excellent site and have bought about 150 new and used cookbooks from them. I live in Australia and their shipping charges are often free to me so if you live in the US the shipping will be even better than to Australia.
    Another site for new cookbooks and again free shipping is The Book Depository.

  • jessica's biscuit (the site is has a HUGE selection, at discounted prices. It's a great catalog to get and flip through, in real life, as well. I think the shipping charges are average? And I often check Amazon, used copies. Sometimes I've paid only 3-4 dollars for the whole shebang.

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