Yard Sale Finds
  • Yard sales are a great source for new cooking things! My favorite finds are Pyrex mixing bowls (primary colors), a cookie press with many different patterns, and cookbooks (a lovely big Japanese cookbook, for example). What are your best cooking-related finds?
  • This almost doesn't even qualify as a yard sale find as I actually picked it out of the trash that had been left on the curb after a yard sale. It's a very homely mustard colored Nordic bundt pan. This is one of the really nice old ones that weighs about a ton.
  • Although I don't go to yard sales often, I am always on the lookout for cast iron - it lasts forever and people often don't value it now since it seems so old fashioned compared to a teflon pan (which will wear out in a few years and have to be chucked out). I recently got a cast iron muffin pan which weighs a ton but is amazingly seasoned. I've yet to use it, but I'm looking forward to experimenting.
  • I love going to yard sales and I've gotten tons of kitchen related items that I was thrilled with including lots of cookbooks. I agree with Andrew I love finding deals on cast iron and use mine often. I got a nice corn stick pan to add to the cast iron pans I have gotten at thrift stores and also ones handed down in my family.

    Several other favorite finds are a ravoili rolling pin, couple nice dough bowls. lots of ramkins, plenty of corning ware (plates, cups, tea pot, baking dishes), other cups, glasses (beer, wine, brandy sundae drinking ect). This past summer I was delighted with some pastel colored cereal or soup bowls and salad plates. The bowls were 25 cent each and the plates a quarter.

    I got a nice pizza stone for a dollar several years ago and I love using it for homemade pizza and breads. Another favorite which I use when grilling is a Chimney Charcoal starter. I think I paid $2 for it.

    There are lots more since we go almost ever Sat when they're having them here. So much fun and you never know what treasures you'll find. Happy hunting everyone.
  • A yard sale on my way in to work on a Friday yielded a vintage set of paella pans! Only $2, and just last week I was leafing through my mostly unused paella cookbook!
  • I envy you your find....I've tried making paella in a skillet and it's just not the same!
  • The funny thing is - I liked the pans for their bright color and mid-century feel. I got to work and googled them (made in yugoslavia, easy to find on ebay) and had to give myself a dope slap when I realized they were for paella. I've never made paella but am looking forward to it.

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