Fat Tuesday
  • I was wondering if any of my Cookbooker friends were cooking anything special to celebrate Fat Tuesday. I haven't decided what's for dinner tonight but was hoping that others might like to share if they cook anything special.
  • In honour of Fat/Pancake Tuesday, I'm making seafood stuffed crepes for most of the family, baked crespelle (crepes layered with tomato sauce and cheese) for my vegetarian daughter, followed by chocolate crepes with raspberry coulis for dessert.
  • That sounds so good, Zosia! Unfortunately, I won't get home till late tonight, and most likely have to take an out of town work visitor to dinner. Luckily my favorite Mexican restaurant is along the route.... Enjoy!
  • Well, my husband had to have a filling - so no dinner for him - and my boys were only home for a short while between school and basketball. We had pancakes and bacon for dinner.

    I'm sure they weren't quite as good as seafood stuffed crepes but at least they were pancakes.
  • BethNH, though he ate the crepe, I think my son would have preferred your dinner : )!

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