Duplicating a recipe
  • Andrew, I mistakenly entered my review for Ossobuco in Bianco/Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking as new, not realizing it had already been reviewed under its English title. Is there a way you can combine the 2 reviews and photo under 1 title, or would you like me to re-enter my review/photo under the original and delete the new? Actually, can I even delete a review or is that something only you can do?

    thank you
  • You should be able to delete your own reviews - just click the 'edit' link on the review itself and there should be a delete option at the bottom of the review text. It would be simplest if you re-entered your review under the original. To delete the photo, you will have to go to 'My Bookshelf' and click the photos tab. It would make sense for it to ask you if you want to delete the photo too, but that hasn't been programmed in yet!
  • Okay.....I've deleted my review and photo and added them to the original entry, but I can't delete the title I entered - it comes up as a recipe that hasn't been reviewed. That, I think, is something only you can do: )

    thanks for the help
  • Hi @Zosia - I've deleted the recipe you entered. Forgot that although you can delete your own reviews, for safety reasons, you can't delete an entire recipe.

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