Julia Child's 100th Birthday
  • Wednesday, 8/15 is Julia Child's 100th birthday. Lots of restaurants are planning tributes. My friends and I are planning a day of Julia's favorites. We're making brioche and sticky buns and white bread from Baking with Julia; a souffle and several vegetable dishes from "Mastering" and we're still planning. Anyone else celebrating? Or have favorite Julia Child favorites?
  • I hope to prepare something in celebration and have chosen a few quick/easy/make-ahead recipes from "mastering": Tomates a la Provencale, mussels, and poached peaches ("Cardinal"). But if I run out of time, I'll make the first recipe I ever tried from the book and one that is still a family favourite, potato leek soup (potage parmentier).

    I love the sounds of your menu...I'm looking forward to the reviews.
  • Happy Birthday today!
    I might prepare one of her cocktails... and am envious of your various menus. I, too, look forward to hearing all about it.

    Bon App├ętit!

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