Review confusion
  • When I look at "Recent Activity" on my Home page, I see southerncooker's review of Summer Vegetable Gratin from Leite's Culinaria. It's rated 3 stars and starts "We liked this one ok but probably wouldn't make again. I got a bit confused on the...". When I click through to the review, I see a 4-star review with no mention of not making again.
    What's going on???
  • Sorry that's my fault. I put the wrong review in to start with from one I had saved to do later. As soon as I realized my mistake I corrected it with the correct review I had saved. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Not your fault. It's cookbooker that's showing me both versions. It's still showing the wrong number of stars on the Recent Activity list and your actual stars/comments on the review page. It's as if Recent Activity is showing something besides the real review. Maybe it's what you first wrote and saved. If so, this makes it not a reliable source of info. :-(
  • Ah - this is because the recent activity list is a separate database from the actual review - items are put in it when they are created, but not updated when someone edits them. I'll see if it makes sense to do this - it might only make sense if someone edits it fairly shortly after making the review, as after a while the emails will be sent out to people subscribing to notifications and the review will move off the home page...
  • I just wrote a review for chickpea soup, but I took over a day to write it and I was signed out by the time I finished. I see it but it doesn't come up with the chickpea recipe. Help! Peckish Sister

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