ISBN scanning tool
  • Is there a ISBN scanning tool similar to what Goodreads has available for use with Cookbooker uploads?
  • Alas, no, we simply don't have the resources to do something like that. We are a shoestring budget operation.

    One potential workaround is to scan your cookbooks into Goodreads (or LibraryThing) and then export them out and import back into Cookbooker. A bit complicated, I admit...
  • I am thinking about doing the same thing. I have 3,000 cookbooks. I have them mostly in Readerware and in Collectorz. It would be great if Cookbooker could import from a list of ISBN's...reason: it is fairly simple to create a list of ISBN's by exporting from one of the database programs like Readerware.

    In meantime, I have been toying with workaround ideas like you have mentioned here, Andrew. (I do LOVE how you have "Add to My Bookself" buttons everywhere in Cookbooker. Very handy!!!)

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