great holiday cooking gifts
  • I'm enjoying seeing the various cookbooks being listed by my fellow cookbookers (The Gentleman's Guide to Cocktails and The Chinese Takeout Cookbook both sound delightful, and are books I've not seen). Not only did I received some great new cookbooks, but I also received both a sauce whisk and dough whisks (small and large). And a very surprising gift - a set of grapeseed oils with infusions (e.g. pesto, lemon, garlic). These items all add a new sense of fun for cooking in this cold dark season.

    So - was Santa good to you?
  • Sounds like you got some fun new gifts!
    I got a few new cookbooks. I also got some beautiful gifts from the Vermont Bowl Company and a Pizzelle maker. Maybe tomorrow during the snow storm I'll make my first pizzelles.
    Tonight we're having Kung Pao Chicken for dinner. My oldest son and I made a trip to the only Asian grocery around and bought a number of bottles of stuff we'll need for various recipes and I look forward to trying some new recipes.
  • I got a couple new cookbooks from my son and my daughter and son in law gave me a microplane zester, which I've wanted since she got hers. I love it as it's so much better than the cheap one I had. My Mom is doing a little better on the new meds so Christmas was great with the family. Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday however they celebrate.

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