IPad vs. Cookbook page numbers
  • Andrew, Today I went to review a recipe from the Joy the Baker cookbook. The recipe had already been reviewed but it had the incorrect page number. Upon reading the other review, I discovered that the previous reviewer had used the page number from the Ipad version of the cookbook. These page numbers do not match up with the pages in the paperback version.

    Personally, I find adding page numbers to reviews very helpful as it helps me to quickly find that recipe again. I was not able to simply review this recipe and add the correct page number because another review had already been written. Instead, I slightly altered the recipe title so that I could enter the recipe with the correct page number.

    What would be the best way of handling this situation?
  • You know what - just edit the listing and change the page number. You can click the 'edit' button next to the recipe when you're looking at the recipe page, and this will let you fix errors in the title, page number etc. We should use paper cookbook page numbers over e-book page numbers as a policy. The iPad version really should be in Cookbooker as a separate title, though I know this might be difficult (it probably has a different ISBN but may not show up when you do the 'add book' search).
  • I deleted my entry with the altered name and edited the original review to add the correct page number. I didn't realize we could edit reviews that had been done by other people.
  • It's a great power, and I was a bit hesitant to put it in there, but since all of you are much better than catching errors than just one person, it makes sense. Sort of like Wikipedia.
  • I hereby promise not to abuse the power given me. It is a great idea, however, to be able to edit reviews for things like page numbers.
  • I have occasionally edited the name of a recipe--to add the name in say Italian or the full name including "with horseradish sauce" or something--to make it better for searching...

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